If Game of Thrones was set in Malta, this would be the cast

Ever wondered what the cast of Game of Thrones would be like if they were all played by Maltese personalities?

Disclaimer: we did not base our decisions on how similar they look to each other, but more how their character would fit the role.

Daenerys Targaryn would be played by

Ira Losco as Daenerys

Ira Losco

You can easily see why – khaleesi, the queen, and Ira being the Queen of Music in Malta, the connection was pretty easy to make. They both show tough love when they need to, but also compassion when it’s due. A tough exterior with a heart of gold.

Jon Snow would be played by

Davide Tucci as Jon Snow

Davide Tucci

We’ve seen him play very diversified roles in Maltese series, so placing him in the role of Jon Snow was a natural decision to make. He’s got the muscles for it, and we would definitely want to see him sword fight his way out of a sticky situation.

Arya Stark would be played by

Michela Pace as Arya

Michela Pace

We never knew her before X factor Malta, she was merely a star in the background, but now she plays a pivotal role in the country’s entertainment industry. Apart from being the first person to win X factor Malta, her voice makes her heard, and now everyone is listening … much like the role of Aria in Game of Thrones.

Cercei Lannister would be played by

Tolqueen as Cercei


Do we really have to explain the connection here guys? Sass, saying it like it is, feisty and as we say in Maltese ‘m’ghandiex kantunieri’. Tolqueen is the only personality in Malta we can see fitting perfectly in this role. The only difference here would be that everyone would love Cercei if she were played by Tolqueen.

Jamie Lannister would be played by

Joseph ta Liquorish as Jamie

Joseph ta’ Liquorish

Ok hear us out. Jamie is tough on the outside but a softie when it comes down to what matters, and so is Joseph. He has to be tough with his ‘gheziez partecipanti’, giving them all those tough challenges and making sure they follow through, but don’t you dare try and put them in danger or you will have to feel his wrath!

Sansa Stark would be played by

Ylenia Spiteri as Sansa

Ylenia Spiteri

Sansa is sassy yet graceful, she almost always manages to get her way and she’s a fighter. Which is why she reminded us very much of our very own Ylenia. Well, first of all, she loves picking fights with Daniel during the breakfast show. Jokes aside, Ylenia is graceful but can be sassy when she needs to be, and she will always fight for what she believes in.

The white walker would be played by

peppi azzoppardi as the white walker

Peppi Azzoppardi

The white walker is the character that causes the most controversy in the show. You can’t help but watch him do his thing even though you really want to look away. Same thing goes for Peppi, apart from causing a lot of controversy in the topics he talks about in Xarabank, sometimes you want to switch the channel, but you just can’t help but be engulfed in whatever it is Xarabank is talking about.

Bran Stark would be played by

Daniel Testa as bran

Daniel Testa

Bran is a quiet character but plays a very important role in Game of Thrones. He sees the future and we learn a lot of things from the past through him. Same goes for Daniel, he’s quiet but you’ll see him leading the way during the breakfast show. He’s behind all the great sounds you listen to on 89.7 Bay, playing a very important role in what goes out on air.

Brienne of Tarth would be played by

allaboutcharlene as brienne


Now we know that when it comes to body build and height difference, these two are nowhere near close to being similar, but when it comes to ferocity they are much alike. So what really makes them similar? That’s an easy one, their sense of loyalty! Charlene’s loyalty towards her fans is seen in all her videos and that’s one of the things we love the most about her.

Samwell Tarly would be played by

ben camille as samuel

Ben Camille

Again, not comparing looks here guys! But we have to admit that the character really reminded us of Ben. Samwell isn’t always perfect in what he does, sometimes he can’t get a word out but he’s a family man, he’s kind and he is intelligent … and that’s why he reminded us of Ben Camille.

Bonus: A character Malta would’ve never killed off and who would play her

Ygritte would be played by

sara zerafa as ygritte

Sarah Zerafa

Good looking, skilled and loved by everyone, we still to this day cannot understand while Ygritte had to go. She didn’t play a huge part in the series, but her part was of great importance. We can totally imagine Sarah Zerafa rocking a ‘You know nothing Jon Snow’ t-shirt in one of her fabulous outfit styling videos.