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Ibiza To Recruit Teens To Locate Illegal Parties


The Spanish island of Ibiza intends to recruit teenage private detectives who can pose as visitors to assist authorities in locating private parties that violate COVID-19 regulations.


Due to the current pandemic, the Mediterranean island’s famous nightclubs are closed, resulting in an increase in illegal gatherings.



With Covid-19 infections on the rise on the island, officials are searching for investigators aged 30 to 40 who can “find the parties before they start” and alert police, according to Armando Tur, a spokesperson for the Spanish government.


According to Mr Tur, the events are typically organized at homes in the countryside to avoid getting caught and sometimes attract more than 500 individuals.



Some are organized by “mafias,” he added, who demand admission fees of approximately €100 per person and seek for customers on social media or near pubs.



The Balearic Islands, including Ibiza, have one of the highest incidences of Covid-19 infection in Spain, owing to the more infectious Delta form.