I tried to survive a whole week on €0 as a UoM student

Hi, my name is Paolo.

And I have a spending addiction.

Ok maybe I don’t have a spending problem but let’s just say when Ariana said “think retail therapy my new addiction” … I felt that.

BASICALLY, it’s been a few weeks since we received the grant, stipend isn’t coming in for another two weeks, and my spending habits are not improving in the slightest. Which means that some drastic measures have to be taken.

The Goal: To try to spend €0 for the whole week.

Side note: for this to be a reflection of what a student would spend on any ordinary week I’m not including one-off purchases I had to make.
[insert more excuses]


The area which I am aware is my financial downfall, as most students can relate, is food.

Naturally, the solution for that would be to prepare food at home (free!).

Did I do that today? No, I did not.

Total spent: €3

OKAY NEW GOAL: try to keep the week total below €10


Ok, I learned from my mistakes, and for that day I made lunch.

However … by 12 I had already eaten it and I had to stay at uni until 8.

And I had a pretty lengthy free, which we all know is when the temptations really hit. During said free, I also went and caught up with a friend, another situation where we usually find ourselves tempted to spend unnecessarily.

And in fact … one thing led to another … and I ended up buying a Happy Meal … and a Mc Flurry … THEY HAD AN OFFER OR SOMETHING, OKAY.

Total spent: €6


An issue I haven’t brought up yet is transport. Since I had just gotten my license at the time and was too scared to drive anywhere (lol), for the majority I mostly relied on public transport, which is free, which we appreciate.

Other times I would mostly manage to get lifts if I needed, so even though someone else was spending money on fuel … I wasn’t, so we’ll consider this one a success.

Total spent: €0

(I couldn’t believe it either …)


Total spent: €0

It’s really not actually that big of an accomplishment (it’s definitely just because I had one two-hour lecture and went home) but hey a streak is a streak.


A new challenge I was anticipating for that day was work, another place where I/we tend to spend a lot.

Total spent: €2

I actually managed to limit myself to just getting a coke, who am I?

(and yes, just one drink cost €2, I KNOW)

Which means, the total spent for the whole week was, drumroll please,

~ €11 ~

Yes, we failed, but we improved.

At least that’s what I’m telling myself


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