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“I Should Be Getting Married Today. Instead I Am At Work For You.” Maltese Nurse Shares Her Story

Daniela Vella, a nurse at Mater Dei, was supposed to get married to long-term partner Matthew Muscat today. They picked this date specifically to coincide with their 6-year anniversary.

Everything was planned and ready to go, until the COVID- 19 pandemic hit Malta and events with large groups of people attending had to be cancelled.

“We decided to change our wedding date when the Prime Minister announced that gatherings with large numbers of people would no longer be allowed,” Daniela tells Bay.

“It was a very tough decision to make, especially when we had planned everything around getting married on our anniversary.

“What probably worried us most was the fact that we had to co-ordinate with all the agents, caterers and everyone involved in the wedding preparations.

“We spent a lot of time co-ordinating with everyone, seeing when they’d be available and we decided to postpone our wedding to the 9th of October. Everyone was on tremendous help, very understanding.”

But despite the turn of events, Daniela still has a positive outlook, with a very important message we can all benefit from following.

“I still plan on celebrating the day with my soon-to-be husband. I’m still working today, but I’ll be home early.

“Matthew and I plan on having dinner, and a drink at times where something important would have happened had we not postponed our wedding.

“Like a drink when we would’ve otherwise said our vows, a drink when we would’ve cut the cake, maybe even share our first dance at around 9pm.

“There’s no reason to feel sad or sorry for ourselves. There’s no use in saying ‘Look at how we’ve ended up’… yes, our day-to-day life has changed. It’s a new reality we have to adapt to and learn to live in.

“Our lives are different, but there are still positives to what’s going on right now. We have more time to spend with family, and we’ve learned to appreciate those around us even more!

“Right now, I’m not living with my family. Being a nurse, my circumstances would put my parents in danger. I chose to move out temporarily, to not pose any risks.

“Yes, it’s difficult on a day like today, especially knowing that I was supposed to spend it with my family and friends, but we have to take life as it comes. I believe you should always face life with a smile on your face, because there’s always something to be grateful for. I believe God has a plan or us and there will be a time where we’re back to normal and happier than we are now, but until then, we have to try to be grateful for what we do have.”