“I Hope This Record Can be Your Friend. It’s Been Mine” – Sam Smith’s Album is Finally OUT!


Sam Smith’s ‘Love Goes’ was released today after months of anticipation and waiting. With their last album having been released three years ago, this one was much awaited by fans.

After coming out as non-binary in late 2019, Sam has stated that this album portrays this time of experimentation and embracing their authentic self. In an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, Smith expressed how with their earlier works such as ‘The Lonely Hour’ he was willing to “put everything aside, including {my} happiness,” in order to achieve musical success.


Throughout Sam Smith’s musical career, they has always been open about their love life, boyfriends and most importantly heartbreaks. This album is no different as it explicitly recounts lost lovers, heartbreak and regret in such an honest and blunt manner that it’s simply beautiful. In contrary to other songs, Sam incorporated this sadness with what they called ‘trashy music’ and reinvented ballads altogether.



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In his interview with Zane Lowe, Smith opened up saying that the album recounts their first proper heartbreak. They called ‘Love Goes’ their “Diva Album” as the first of its kind for them, having confessed that, during their lowest point they actually turned to divas such as Beyoncé.

The album is not as dismal as their previous, obviously affected by the pandemic and the backlash Sam had received back during lockdown. Although the subject matter is not so rosy, melodically it is experimental and buoyant; preaching self-acceptance and confidence. The vocals do not disappoint for sure as Smith’s soulful and iconic voice comes across in each and every song.



Shortly after releasing the album, the music video for ‘Kids Again’ was also released. If that wasn’t enough, ‘Love Goes’ also features Labrinth who will be joining Smith in heir virtual concert tonight at Abbey Road Studios in London. Sam will be performing songs from their album to coincide with its release; with songs such as ‘Diamonds, ‘Another One’ and ‘Dance,’ we’re sure it’s going to be nothing short of amazing!

Have you listened to it yet? What did you think of Sam Smith’s new approach for this album?

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