“I hope that I can encourage Those Who Are Going Through Difficult Times” – Accident Survivor Matteo Grima


“I was in a very critical condition that is why I call it a miracle. Because my chances of surviving were very narrow and even the fact that I have managed to rehabilitate so quickly is in itself an incredible feat.”
This is how Matteo Grima describes his ordeal, in a post on The People of Malta this morning.
Matteo says that he is now much better, after “a very tough experience but I am slowly getting there.”
More than two months have passed since Matteo’s accident on the 23rd of April when he was run over by a car in the road leading from Rabat to Dingli.
“I was jogging like I habitually do because we were not training due to Covid19. I spent 12 days in a coma and I remember nothing. It took me two weeks to regain consciousness. My family’s greatest fear was that as soon as they arrived at the ITU after the accident they were told by the doctors that chances were that I would not make it or would survive with permanent disability. With the grace of God none of that materialized,” Matteo says.
Matteo calls this a miracle because he can still live a life which is very similar to the one he had.
“I can talk, walk and in three weeks I was discharged from hospital. My dad says that when the accident happened he was reciting the rosary in the Mtarfa chapel with my sister. It is interesting to note that I regained consciousness from the coma with the notes of the band playing the Annunciation march that I love so much. From all the holy pictures, in the room close to where I was being operated, my father had found a holy picture of the Annunciation on a table and he took it with him to help him pray for me. Now I believe more in the power of prayer,” adding that it comes naturally for him to say a prayer before going to sleep.
Matteo said that he still has an operation to undergo in the next months.
“I was always a very determined person and I worked with the doctors and physio, even to regain the ability to write and draw so I can continue the Architecture course. I am a first year architecture student. Thanks to the doctors, nurses and priests who took care of me, gave me courage and helped me. Thanks to the support that I received from family and friends. I appreciated the messages from the National football team.”
“There is a certain amount of anger.”
Matteo says that he tries to think positive “and my frustration ebbs away and I think of how lucky I am to still be here. Life has become very precious to me. I learnt never to give up. I have been through probably the most difficult experience in my life and I doubt whether I will ever have such a huge hurdle to conquer again.”
“I hope that I can encourage those who are going through difficult times” – Matteo