“I Am Currently Working on Exporting My Music” – Enya Magri on Malta’s Top 10 With Jake


Last Monday, Enya Magri, who’s currently in the Top10 with Summer Lights, sat down with Jake for a little bit of insight about her future plans, her competitive side and her inspiration.

On her current single, which has a totally different style than her previous one, she said that she intends on applying different styles to all her song, as she loves being a versatile artist, and let’s face it, we’re not complaining.



Jake asked her which artist or artists inspire her, she said that there are many but if she had to pinpoint one, is H.E.R. who mixes soul and pop in her releases. Enya also spoke about the prospects of future collaborations, which she never excludes, as in her opinion, when artists collaborate, the final product is always an excellent mix of talent, and expertise, which in the music industry is always a plus!



Many of you might remember Enya Magri from X Factor Malta, and contrary to what many people thought, Enya will not be one of the acts which we will see gracing the Malta’s Got Talent Stage, but not because she is one to shy away from competition.

She told Jake that she is making use of this time to prioritise and focus on her career.



Enya, in fact, is currently working on exporting her music to reach wider audiences, and she also said that she will never say no to an opportunity to participate in any other reality TV show.



“If I had to choose a favourite format,” Enya said, “it would have to be The Voice, as the fact that a person is primarily judged on how he or she sounds, and not about how he or she looks, makes it a show which truly values someone’s singing abilities.”

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