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Hundreds of new emoji coming to your phone

The introduction of dozens of new emojis has been welcomed by disability rights campaigners.

The new characters include hearing aids, wheelchairs, prosthetic limbs and guide dogs.

Their inclusion in 2019’s official list means that they should be available on your smartphone later this year.

Phil Talbot, from the disability charity Scope, said: ‘Social media is hugely influential and it’s great to see these new disability-inclusive emojis.

‘Up until now disability has been greatly under-represented.

‘We’d like to see greater representation of disabled people and disability across social media.’

The move came after Unicode, the organisation that approves the characters, responded to requests to become more inclusive.

It is its fourth significant update since 2014.

The new additions also include a motorised wheelchair, mixed-race families and a traditional Indian sari.

Light-hearted additions include an otter, a waffle, a ballet shoe, a rickshaw and a flamingo.