HSBC Has Alerted Customers Against A New SMS Scam


It seems like there’s been a new trend lately – but we’re not a fan of this one… Following the recent warnings against the DHL and MaltaPost scams making the rounds, HSBC has now alerted clients of a new SMS scam.


Luckily, all you need to do is simply NOT click the link, as HSBC explained in a Facebook post addressing the recent scam.



As HSBC explained, ‘Protecting yourself is simple. Do not reply to or, click on a link from any SMS that you are not sure is genuine. If you have already received such SMS and accidentally clicked on the link please do call us.


The local police force has also recently revealed that about 20 people are being scammed daily across the Islands so to ensure your safety, make sure you double-check phone numbers before you press on any link or answer the phone.

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