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Howard Keith Debono Elected as First President of the Malta Entertainment Industry and Arts Association


Yesterday marked the first official day of the Malta Entertainment & Arts Association – MEIA. This was made official though the first general meeting held on the 20th of July in a webinar. This was chaired by the president of The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry David Xuereb and hosted by the The Malta Chamber.

The members were required to register through a link set up the chamber of commerce and their e-mail validated. From 31 nominations 12 Committee members were elected. This was done through a live real-time voting poll.

The Executive committee elected is as follows:-

  • President – Howard Keith Debono
  • Vice-President – Toni Attard
  • General Secretary – Jeanine Rizzo
  • Assistant General Secretary – Olwyn Jo
  • Treasurer – Pawlu Borg Bonaci
  • Public Media Relations Officer – Mark Grech
  • Event Co-ordinator – Philippa Cassar



Whilst the advisory committee elected is made up of :-

  • Dance – Theresa Lungaro Mifsud
  • Theatre – Edward Mercieca
  • Music – Daniel Cauchi
  • Art & Fashion – Adrian Mizzi
  • Film – Abigail Mallia

Each advisory committee member elected has been asked by the president to form a sub-committee with the other nominees in the respective sector as well as possibly add more members to widen the reach as much as possible.

Howard Keith Debono, the president of MEIA commented “I believe we have a lot of valid people here and I certainly would like to see them all involved in some way or other. It took a pandemic to get the whole industry represented through an association with one common voice. This is long overdue. We’re all determined and want to start working immediately.”

The elected Executive Committee will reserve the right to change or add more advisory members if there’s need to do so. These can be already existing entities, individuals representing a larger group, already formed or newly formed associations or foundations specific to a sector within the entertainment & Arts industry.


The president of The Malta Chamber , David Xureb added “This is an impressive start to see so many high-profile and talented people offer their time to support this association and such an initiative. I’m excited about this association especially because it represents the creative sector which is integral to our future and how decisions are made.”

The general meeting was concluded with one final vote by the members who’ve also approved the Statute to officially launch MEIA. Further info will be published in the coming days.