How to make the most of Malta’s new car share service

More than 1,000 drivers have already signed up for Malta’s new car sharing service – less than a week after it was first announced on 89.7 Bay.

GoTo Malta lets you use and share electric cars by parking them in specially designated spaces.

Other motorists can then find and use the car via an mobile app.

Around 150 electric cars are available on Malta’s streets from today.

The company behind the €8 million initiative told 89.7 Bay it hopes to have another 150 cars on Maltese roads by the end of next year.

Car Sharing Services Malta chief executive Liran Golan said 450 dedicated parking spaces are available from now in 68 towns and villages across Malta and Gozo.

He added: ‘We’re not reinventing the wheel but we’re making the way people use their wheels a little different.’

Malta’s transport minister Ian Borg told 89.7 Bay: ‘The introduction of the national car sharing service is very positive indeed for Malta and Gozo.

‘Offering our communities the possibility to choose between multitude modes of transport, including buses, ferries, car sharing, bike sharing, motorcycle sharing, amongst others, is part of this government’s holistic plan.’

‘We are now working to create this culture shift.’

How does car sharing work?

Download the GoTo Malta app and register by uploading your driving licence and ID number.

Find the car closest to you and type in the four-digit pin code provided.

When you’re done, park the car in a designated parking spot and pay the allotted fee.

Membership is €7 a month and provides access to all GoTo Malta cars.

A pay-to-go option for €0.28c per minute is also available and covers insurance, road tax, Valletta access fees, electric charging and parking costs.

Register here now:

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