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How The Simpsons Predicted The Capitol Riots


Fans have been drawing comparisons on Twitter of the US Capital riots that happened two days ago, with the episode showing ‘civil war’ on Inauguration Day 2021 in The Simpsons.



The 2020 Halloween episode predicted some unrest and carnage after the US election between Trump and Biden, illustrating sheer chaos after Homer forgot to vote and more importantly, his vote being the decider.



Fans took to Twitter to exclaim how it posed quite the similarity to the actions of Trump supporters who stormed The Capitol, forcing lawmakers to flee and resulted in four deaths…This isn’t the first time The Simpsons predicted a huge event though, like Trump’s presidency 17 years before.



The 31st annual Halloween ‘Treehouse of Horror’ special of the beloved show following the 2020 process and aired on November 1st, 2020. It followed a startling scene of fires burning across Springfield. Some fans compared the apocalyptic scenes in the cartoon to ‘civil war’.



In the episode, characters queue outside a voting station as Homer remembers it’s election day, and Homer gets to the voting booth as a long list of Trump’s actions as President roll on the screen. Homer ended up dreaming the whole thing and ended up never voting in the first place.



It then switches to a clip titled January 20, 2021, which sees him on the roof wearing armour made of saucepans and pots as the town burns around him.



I mean, if a 1993 The Simpsons episode can predict a mysterious virus pandemic, then anything can happen. What do you think about this prediction?