How much time do you spend on social media?

From checking Facebook while waiting for the bus in Valletta, to posting beautiful photos of Mdina on Instagram – social media plays a big role in our daily lives.

Most of us in Malta and Gozo are slowly becoming social media addicts and spend a lot of time browsing online every day.

But have you ever wondered how long you’re actually online for?

A new report has revealed the average person now spends almost 50 days a year surfing the web – and we’re getting more and more hooked.

The study said availability of high-speed internet, social media sites such as Facebook and wider use of smartphones are among the reasons for adults spending three hours and 15 minutes a day online on average last year, up 11 minutes on 2017.

The report said the average YouTube user spends 27 minutes a day on the website.

Nine out of 10 internet users visit Facebook every day, spending 23 minutes on the social media site.

That’s equivalent to six days a year on Facebook.

Meanwhile, the research also found around a quarter of children have experienced cyber-bullying and unwelcome friend requests from strangers in the last 12 months.

Almost four in 10 said they had witnessed swearing and offensive language online, followed by spam emails, making up a third of responses.

Overall, 79% of the 1,001 children who took part in the Ofcom study claimed that they had experienced at least one potentially harmful experience online in the past 12 months.

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