How Many Of These Iconic MSN Winks Do You Remember?

Trip down memory lane? A post from 3 years back has made a comeback on Facebook.

The video making the rounds made us feel completely ancient, if we’re being honest.

Back in the day, before Facebook, Messenger and Instagram took over the internet, we communicated and chatted via MSN.

MSN was amazing. You could create your own emoticons (resulting in some of us having an emoticon for every letter and having illegible writing – but it didn’t matter cos in our eyes we looked cool)

Let’s just say, the winks on there were an audio enabled, very limited version of gifs. You could say they’re moving animations to grab your attention or perfectly react to a message.

And among them, perhaps even the most famous of all, you have the rolling on the floor laughing lady, the infamous knock and so many more.

So … have a look and tell us. How many of these do you remember using?

MSN winks

Throw back to the pre-emoji era!

Publiée par StepFeed Video sur Jeudi 22 juin 2017

Show this to someone who did not grow up using MSN, just to test how old you feel.

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