Hospital Clown Rescuing Kids In Danger In Ukraine


This has wholesome written all over it!


Ukrainian hospital clown Jan Tomasz Rogala and his team have been hard at work keeping spirits high in a refugee centre in a village near Dnipro. Armed with squishy red noses, magic tricks and over-sized hats, Jan and his team have made an impact on the harsh situation Ukrainian children, and even parents, are experiencing at the moment.





“To see how much they enjoy the games and fun even when their lives have been ripped apart in the space of two weeks is hard to talk about without having tears in my eyes.”


Moving to Ukraine 15 years ago with his family, he soon realised the difference that his hospital clowning was making to the sick children he visited. So, he set up a hospital clown training programme and built a team to widen his reach across various hospitals in Dnipro.




With the beginning of the war two weeks ago, Jan and his red-nosed team took up the challenge to help the refugees in Ukraine, driving around in their clown van and hiring busses to rescue children, their families, orphans, the disabled and the elderly.


While the adults attempt to sort out their evacuation, Jan’s team keeps the children entertained and helps them forget about the situation they are in by filling their days with laughter and magic.





“It’s so beautiful to see the kids laugh,” said Jan. “It is just finding some joy for them, and it is so special for the parents to see their children feel happy in a nightmare situation like this.”




While the situation continues, Jan vows not to leave children and families in need without help. He dreams of being able to evacuate all the families he has saved to Poland, where he originates from.