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Horses banned from Malta’s streets on summer afternoons

Traditional Maltese horse-drawn carriages have been banned from the streets during hot summer afternoons.

The new law on ‘karozzini’ came into force on Friday in a major victory for animal rights campaigners.

It means that horses will now be kept off the streets from 1pm to 4pm, when temperatures are in Malta are at their hottest.

Owners could be fined up to €65,000 if they break the law.

Clint Camilleri, Malta’s minister for animal rights, announced the new rules at a press conference.

He said:  ‘The horse is now legally considered an animal in its own right rather than just part of the vehicle.’

Mr Camilleri said that carriages will only be allowed to carry a maximum of four people and horses cannot be used for more than 45 minutes.

Horses will also need to be put in the shade with water and will only be able to operate on alternative days and one horse will not be allowed to be used for more than three days a week.

Karozzini rides have been popular with tourists in Valletta, Mdina, Sliema and Vittoriosa over the years.

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