“Hopes”: ANT is Back with Another Awesome Collaboration


After a solid first release on Armada Music with Ant’s release ‘Everyday’, Ant is back with a massive collaborative effort. Teaming up with Luke Chappell, his very own friend, to deliver a commercial house track that is the first of its kind locally, showing that Maltese young talent!

“I always wanted to write lyrics for this type of genre. This was something I always wanted to do and knew how to, but was too scared to show everyone i could do go that type of style with my career, as it was risky but bold,” Luke said about the collaboration.



Luke said that working with Ant was a great new alternative for his career, adding that he believes “the fact I’m working with someone my age makes me feel more comfortable and it was definitely a fun process all throughout, as it felt like I’m working with a close friend and not a stranger. I knew how talented he was and I trusted this was going to be a great track for us.”



“I wrote this track in a very low point in my life, but I decided to turn a few things around and do a more upbeat version of my experiences, it’s not about anyone specific, nor is it about any specific situations, just a very weird feeling of staying closed up and post getting a bit out of the little bubble I had in my own music taste,” Luke said.

“This is song is up for Interpretation and for people to take the lyrics in their own way and meaning. That’s what music is all about in the end.”



“I clearly remember the day I first met Luke and he visited my studio in order to record his vocals for a teen festival Which I had organized back when we were both 14 years of age, way before Luke had even entered the X Factor,” ANT said.



“Luke has always been a great guy to me and of major inspiration towards my career as we both grew up together in very similar industries, that’s where I saw the opportunity in order to collaborate with Luke along with our great chemistry thanks to our friendship. Little did I know that a few years later we would’ve reached this stage where we would be releasing our very own song together. ‘Hopes’,” ANT concludes.

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