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Honda To Develop In-Shoe Navigation System For The Visually Impaired


Honda is currently helping to develop a GPS navigation system for the visually impaired, an invention which is being fronted by Ashirase, Inc., a business enterprise funded by Honda’s New Business Creation Program.


The navigation device, dubbed Ashirase, attaches to any pair of sneakers and is expected to launch to the public by the end of March 2023.



Ashirase is the brainchild of Wataru Chino, who was inspired to develop the technology after a family member suffered from an accident. Made up of two square-shaped units that attach to a pair of shoes, the gadget connects to an accompanying smartphone app, where users can input their desired destination.


Honda Global | June 11 , 2021 "Honda Announces the Establishment of Ashirase,  Inc., a Startup Originated from IGNITION, a Honda New Business Creation  Program "


The route is then synced to Ashirase, which innovatively uses a motion sensor and vibration to guide users. When a user should go straight, a vibrator located at the front of the foot is triggered and when they should turn, a vibrator at the left or right side of the foot is activated.


You can head over to the official Honda website to learn more.