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Hollywood legend to star in film about Maltese 1919 riot

Pulp Fiction actor Harvey Keitel is set to star in a film about the Maltese bread riots in 1919.

The movie will also feature A Clockwork Orange star Malcolm McDowell.

‘Storbju’ will focus on the events surrounding the ‘Sette Giugno’ riots in Valletta.

Filming is due to begin next month.

McDowell is expected to play the role of Colonel Saville while Keitel will play Malta’s Acting Governor, Walter Charles Hunter Blair.

Producer Jean Pierre Magro said he didn’t think it was possible to make a story about Malta in Maltese for an international market but he was wrong.

He said: ‘People used to laugh when I told them I wanted to make stories about the Maltese people.

‘It’s just not something we’re used to doing.

‘This is not just our story, it’s the story of the whole nation.’

The film’s director Davide Ferrario said he was excited to showcase Malta to a global market,.

He added: ‘It’s a wonderful place and despite only having been here a month, I have already discovered so many beautiful places I want to showcase to the world.’

Malta’s culture minister Owen Bonnici said he was confident the film would be another boost for the Maltese film industry.

He added: ‘I want people to know our story since 1919.

‘Malta has been transformed in a lot of ways into something unrecognizable, but our history and culture will always remain.’