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Hilarious Maltese Facebook Auto-Translate Fail


We are all familiar with how Facebook try to stay ahead of the curve, and has nicely slipped in the auto-translate option for statuses or posts written in any language.

This feature has given us some great fails in the past, which get us smiling, and here are a couple!


engrish translation korean - 8143740672




It was to be expected that we will soon have the Maltes version of Auto Translate Fails, and here it is. So this user wanted to show his or her devotion to the patron saint of her village – Marija Bambina – which was celebrated earlier this week. So, this person uploaded a nice image of the statue, with Viva Maria Bambina.

The result? We will let you judge, but to us it sounds like it could be the title to a Jason Derulo Track. Either way, we hope this brings a smile to your faces as we start another September Weekend!


Image may contain: text that says "facebook Viva Maria Bambina Long live Maria Baby Girl Translated from Italian"