High-Security Prison Inmates Demand Pizza As Ransom For Guard Hostages


Two Swedish inmates, serving their sentence for murder in a high-security prison, held two prison guards hostage and demanded a pizza as ransom.


Swedish Prisoners Took 2 Guards Hostage and Demanded Pizza As Ransom


As bizarre as this sounds, I wish I was making this up. Here is how the story unfolded:



The two prisoners, armed with razor blades, broke their way into the guard’s room and took the two guards present hostage, locking them in the room with them and demanding a ransom.


Swedish prisoners take guards hostage, demand pizza as ransom - France 24


Police forces were immediately called in, with an ambulance, a fire truck, and even a police helicopter being seen showing up at the scene.



As reported, the two prisoners had first demanded a helicopter, which makes total sense for an epic prison escape story. However, the mediator that was sent in to cool the situation managed to talk them down to accepting a ransom of 20 kebab shop pizzas for themselves and their fellow inmates. A bit of a cop-out, I’m not going to lie, but I’m sure the other inmates didn’t mind!


Hostage-takers release guards after pizza negotiations at Swedish prison -  The Local


After the pizzas were delivered, the two guards were released, and the prisoners were taken in for questioning.



I guess the takeaway (excuse the pun) of all this is that instead of wasting their time calling in all those forces, all they had to do was call a delivery driver. Talk about hangry!

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