The 3rd Edition of the Hide and Seek is HERE! 👀


Daniel and Ylenia will be hiding somewhere on the islands. Find them and win €1000 in cash. As simple as that. During the show on 12th November, we’ll be giving out clues to lead you to where Daniel and Ylenia will be hidden. The first to find them wins!

How it will work...

  1. Daniel and Ylenia will be live on air, hidden somewhere on the islands waiting for you to find them.
  2. Our other Bay presenters will also be at 4 different locations in Malta thoughout the day. Each location will be revealed in a specific order.
  3. In order to win the €1000 cash prize, you must take a photo with each of the Bay presenters at their given location and share it to your Instagram story.
  4. At the 4th and final presenter location, the last clue to Daniel and Ylenia’s location will be given and whoever finds them first wins the cash!
  5. You can only win the prize when you show your Instagram stories with all 4 presenters to Daniel & Ylenia.

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