Hidden Gems You Should Check Out Around The University Campus


This scholastic year, University will opt for a physical-remote hybrid, yet the first and third years will be given priority for face-to-face lectures, granting them a full experience on campus!



But part of the university experience is searching for that alluring area that just shouts ‘you’. Although students have to keep social distance in mind, there are still some spots that are definitely worth checking out… And, don’t worry, we’ve got some areas which you might have missed or haven’t looked into yet too!


Dar Manwel


No description available.


One may not be aware of this fairly unassuming house near the Chapel, but it certainly gives the necessary comfort. “Id-dar tan-nanna”, as my friends and I call it, since it is such a cosy, pleasant, and soothing environment. Plus, you’ll be surrounded by everything you need – friends, a miniature kitchen, and playing cards!


Pjazza Dun Karm


No description available.


This is a small turf area behind the quad and the canteen. A bubble of tranquillity waiting for you to spice it up, or to just embrace it by laying down on the grass with the sun shining on you. Now, that is what I call perfectionism on campus. Just try not to snooze there… lectures may be ahead of you.


ICT Faculty Building


No description available.


Besides the famous IT Services building, there is the revamped ICT Faculty building. This is the go-to place if you adore that techy atmosphere. Apart from this, on the inside, there are gigantic rooms made of glass (at the centre of the corridors), where you can sit for some peace and quiet. With the open roof, it’s like you’re inside, yet outside at the same time! And don’t worry, this building is so spacious, that everyone can be socially distant!



Bench Areas


No description available.


There are myriad bench spots all over the university campus. However, there is one area that may be forgotten. I mean even I found out about this a few months ago! This place is on the left side of the campus (if entering from the gateway), near the open parking. One can work in silence and covid-safety (as it is outdoors) whilst admiring the majestic view of nature itself! What else do you need?


What’s your favourite spot on-campus?

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