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Hero police officer helps woman in labour beat Malta’s traffic

A police officer has been hailed a hero after helping a pregnant woman to beat Malta’s traffic and get to hospital in time to give birth.

PC Daniel De Battista was approached by a driver in a traffic jam in Mosta at 6.30am.

The man explained that his wife was in labour and needed to get to hospital as soon as possible.

The quick-thinking cop called his colleagues for backup and escorted the couple using his scooter until they were met by two traffic police officers who took over and rushed the mum-to-be to Mater Dei.

A healthy baby girl was born around 45 minutes after the police escort arrived at Accident and Emergency.

Daniel said: ‘I only did what I had to do.

‘I’d like to thank the drivers who gave way to myself and the couple behind me in their car even though I was on my personal scooter.

‘We managed to make it through the traffic next to Kinds and through Lija cemetery.

‘I have been contacted personally by the couple and I’m delighted to say that the woman gave birth to a baby girl 45 minutes after arriving in hospital.’

A spokesman for The Malta Police Force said: ‘Thumbs up to our boy in blue and congratulations to the couple.’

What a way to start the day! This morning at about 0630hrs, an officer who was on his way to start a day of work…

Publiée par The Malta Police Force sur Mercredi 19 juin 2019