Here’s Why You Should Think Twice About Who To Vote For In This Year’s Eurovision


The countdown for the Eurovision Song Contest Final has officially commenced, and we can’t wait to see Destiny slaying the stage once again! But it looks like we might have a little problem from one of our neighbouring countries…



With Malta being such a close favourite this year among the jury AND Eurovision lovers alike, some countries are actively pushing to not vote for favourites like Malta, France, and Switzerland.



We can only assume that they’re doing this in order to make room for more chances of winning among other acts. Many viewers over in Italy, for instance, are collectively agreeing to not vote for this year’s favourites – and that includes Malta.


With one user writing, ‘Destiny’s really dangerous. Italians, try not to vote for Malta, please’, other Italians agreed – whilst others vouched for voting with an open mind…


So, for all of our Maltese readers out there, we urge you to vote with your minds, and to avoid voting for other big favourites, as an act of solidarity and national pride towards our local stars and their talent.


Good Luck Destiny!


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