Here’s Why You Have Bizarre & Vivid Dreams After Drinking


If you ever experienced weird and vivid dreams after a night of drinking, don’t worry, you are definitely not alone…



After several people reported having bizarre dreams after drinking, mattress company Otty decided to explain why. Speaking to The Sun, they said: ‘When you go to bed following a heavy night of drinking, the quality of sleep you enjoy is actually poorer’.



The blood alcohol level in your system will drop once you stop consuming alcohol, leaving you in a shallow state of sleep, and with frequent disturbances and waking throughout the night. So when you fall into REM sleep (the stage of sleep you dream in), you’re more likely to recall your dreams’, they added.



Basically, since you’re halfway between being awake and asleep, sleep experts say that there’s more chance you’ll wake up with a thorough memory of the dream you were having.


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The alcohol in your system mixed with the state of limbo will often leave you experiencing vivid and nightmare-fueled dreams. Your body is trying to gather as much information as possible from its environment, which may not be so black and white after a night of drinking.’, they continued.



If you’re typically an emotional drinker, these thoughts and emotions can manifest themselves into the content of your dreams, leaving you with intensely haunting or evocative dreams’.


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Discussing the dreaded hangover that follows, they said: ‘Your brain will be functioning at a slower rate, meaning you will really struggle to concentrate. You will also very likely get dark circles (‘bags’) under the eyes. This is due to the blood vessels dilating’.



Your sex drive can plummet after just 24 hours of sleep deprivation, due to being too exhausted to feel aroused. Because your body is struggling to cope with exhaustion, you will likely have an increased muscle tension, which can cause tremors.’, the company added


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But if you want to enjoy a few drinks without getting hungover the next day, there are some things you can do, like controlling your intake and getting a good night’s sleep. I know, I know – but prevention really is the best way to avoid hangovers and weird dreams thereafter!

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