Here’s what you may not know about the X Factor controversy that hit Malta this week

Unless you’ve been completely inactive on social media this week, you’re sure to have heard something about this week’s huge Malta X-factor controversy. If you’re a bit confused by it all, here’s all that happened:

X-Factor Malta airs the controversial audition:

It was all going pretty smoothly: we had the usual mix of good and bad singers until  Joanna Gauci Loporto, a teacher, appeared in front of the four judges.  She was visibly very anxious until she impressively belted out Alicia Keys’ If I ain’t got you, leaving the four judges wondering why she was so nervous before her audition.

Howard told her that for him it was: “Drama zejda ghal xejn”. After she walks off, he tells the other judges he’s there to solely judge on vocals and not on whether someone is “acting” or not…

It all goes off on The Salott:

On Monday morning, a Facebook user posted about how “disgusted” she was by the way X-factor “undermined mental health”. Many users agreed with her and shared their opinions on the subject of anxiety and performance anxiety. Some however, agreed with Howard’s comments and thought it was all too much “drama”.

X-Factor removes the video from their official YouTube account

Joanna posts on Facebook about what she experienced on the day of the audition:

Joanna talked about the hardships of living with anxiety and the symptoms of it. She then acknowledged the “full-blown meltdown” she had before her audition and how surprised she felt when she successfully got through it and made it through to the next round. She then slams “a couple of judges” who accused her of faking her anxiety.

Howard responds:

In two rather lengthy posts, Howard defends his actions on the show and his use of the word “Dramatic”. He insists that he acted fairly and judged the participant solely on her voice and never tried to undermine social anxiety; he says he was voicing his concern about her ability to cope with the next stages of the competition.

X-Factor Malta issue a statement:

They defend their decision to air the audition by saying that all participants who appear on the show sign a declaration form confirming that they are “in a good state of mental and physical health”.

Ray, Ira and Alex all post on their social media about the event:

Whilst Ray and Ira share X-factor Malta’s official statement; Alex offers her support, in the way of advice, to people who suffer from performance anxiety.

What do you think of all this?

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