Here’s What Weather You Should Be Expecting For This New Year’s Weekend


The New Year’s Weekend has officially landed, and whilst other European countries are facing some freezing temperatures over the coming weekend, we’re here to give you a breakdown of the forecast for the next few days…


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Throughout the weekend, temperatures will be peaking at 16°C and then will drop to 10°C, up until the 2nd of January. As for the first day of 2021, we will be facing a wind forecast of Force 5.



The milder temperatures will then be coupled with some isolated showers for the Maltese Islands on New Year’s Day, but will ease for the first few days of 2021…


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As for those who are counting down the end of the year with a quaint night out, you might want to wear a jacket or carry an umbrella, as the isolated rain showers might hit later today.



However, the sun is expected to come out for Saturday and Sunday, but with a windy weather forecast. The Malta International Airport’s Weather Watch has revealed that we are expecting slightly higher temperatures than those recorded during the last week of 2019.


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The first few days of 2021 should see a gentle southwest Force 2 to 3 wind backing south Force 4 to 5 later on in the day. The wind will continue to pick up over the weekend at Force 5 from the southwest by Saturday morning, and reaching a strong Force 6 wind from the same direction on Sunday.