Here’s What Every Maltese Easter Looks Like


Even though a certain pandemic has made it seem like time no longer exists, believe it or not, Easter is actually happening this weekend. So we thought it would be nice to take a moment to reflect on all the special things that make Easter in Malta so … “unique.”


Temporary Becoming Vegetarians For The Week



But dare to mention cutting out meat any other time and it’s ‘imma kif tista’ toqghod minghajr laham!?’


Your Mother Waking You Up At The Crack Of Dawn For The Seba’ Visti



Nothing better than finally being able to sleep in during the Easter holidays and being woken up at 6 to go listen to the rosary!



Feeling Immensely Awkward Having To Kiss Jesus’s Feet In Front Of The Entire Church



Another activity to add to the list of extremely unhygienic things we thought were normal BC (before Corona).


The Priest Trying To Suffocate You With Incense



An overdose of incense paired with allergy season makes for a truly religious near-death experience.


Demanding an Easter egg (regardless of your age)


Grown Old GIF - Grown Old HowOldAreYou GIFs


You may be a fully grown adult but you will be comparing Easter egg toys with your siblings. And it goes without saying that it must be Kinder.



Being Absolutely Useless At Making Figolli



Making figolli with your mum is actually code for hovering around the kitchen, eating raw dough and decorative chocolate until it’s time to decorate.


Gaining Like 5 Kilos From Said Easter Egg And Figolli



Just as you’re finally recovering from the Christmas gains too. Who decided Easter should happen 2 months before summer?


Your Nanna Equating Easter To Christmas So She Slides Over A 20


Boss Bitch Grandma GIF - BossBitch Grandma Gangster GIFs


As a good grandchild, it is your duty to act surprised and pretend to refuse it but then defeatedly accept it.


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