Here’s The Real Facts About The Viral Vaccine Video


Recently, a video of a nurse fainting after her vaccination of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine went viral. And whilst many thought it was due to an adverse reaction, it was actually because of an underlying health condition. In fact, experts have also dismissed this, and other wild conspiracies, following the vaccination…



The claims that the vaccine is unsafe, or that it would lead to a ‘mass genocide’, as some comments claimed, is far from reality. Although unfortunately, the video of nurses being vaccinated in the US made the rounds for unintended reasons, several fact-checkers have dismissed the misleading arguments and even Facebook stepped in to add a disclaimer.



As the nurse herself explained, her nervous system overreacts to pain, which leads to frequent fainting. Whilst she explained how passing out for her is normal, she also highly stressed that the pain from the injection was minimal and there is no need to worry.


UK set to approve Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine within days | Financial Times


In other words, the nurse had no adverse reaction to the vaccine, and she has reported that she has recovered and that she felt fine shortly afterward, it’s just a condition she simply suffers with.

The president of the Medical Association of Malta, Martin Balzan, also stressed that everyone under the age of 16 should get vaccinated if they can, and highlighted that the risk of COVID-19 is far worse than any possible adverse effects that might happen through vaccination.