Here’s How You Can Register For The GridKids


The Grid is back and better than ever – but this time, they’re even catering for kids!



So, if you have kids that love to run around and get messy, then they’ll love the GridKids’ obstacle course… A day packed with fun and excitement, where children are given the chance to challenge themselves, build confidence, and make some new friends!


Any children between the ages of 3 and 15 are allowed to take part in this year’s edition of GridKids, which aims at motivating, inspiring, and educating our children on the importance of staying active.



And in case you were wondering, The Grid is Malta’s largest growing outdoor sports event that has taken the Island by surprise year after year.


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Occurring twice a year, the Grid is usually held in June with a course averaging 12 to 15km of over 30 obstacles and rough terrains as the sea and sun challenge all athletes.



The second event is then held in October with less heat but more intensity with killer hills, over 25 obstacles, sand, sea, and an amazing course to take on with your friends or individually!


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You can register for GridKids here.

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