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Here’s How You Can Make The Most Of Google – Twitter User Shares 8 Useful Tips


It’s undeniable that most of us use Google in our day-to-day life to search the internet for practically everything. But it turns out, we aren’t utilising the search engine as much as we could…



Meet Chris Hladczuk, a Twitter user who has created a useful thread of eight tips to using Google that could help you search smarter and faster!



As Hladczuk wrote, ‘If you use it right, Google is the most powerful tool in the world. But the truth is most people suck at it. Here are eight Googling tips that you probably don’t know.’ So, without further ado – here they are…


Quotation marks


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If you’d like to search for an exact phrase, Chris recommends putting quotes around the words. For instance, searching for “Bay TV” will give you all the Bay TV results and episodes without also search for just ‘Bay’ and ‘TV’.





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If you want to look for something specific, you can add in a hyphen. So, if you wanted to virtually tune into Bay Breakfast or Bay Drive, you could make your search read ‘Bay-player’, which would bring up Bay Player first thing.




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You should use a tilde for when you want synonyms to appear in a result. For example, typing ‘music ~classes’ will also show you results for things like music lessons and coaching!





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Turns out, you can even use Google to search for items within a specific site. For instance, searching ‘Miley Cyrus site:’ will only show you results for any time Miley Cyrus has been mentioned on the Bay website!


Vertical Bar


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If you’d like to have options, you can use a vertical bar instead of the word ‘or’. So, searching for ‘Netflix | Hulu’ will show you results for both streaming platforms.



Two Full Stops


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Putting two full stops between two dates will allow you to search for things within that time frame. So, if you’re searching Bay’s Top 40 2019..2021, then you’ll get results within those specific dates.


File Type


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You can search for documents by writing what you’re looking for and following it by the file type you seek. For example, if you’d like to have a look at the Broadcasting Authority Survey, you search ‘Broadcasting authority survey filetype:pdf’. It’s important to include the file type as one word.


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