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Here’s How You Can Get Paid To Play Board Games In Your PJ’s This Christmas


During the Christmas season, it’s usually a tradition to spend hours playing board games with your family. However this year, your competitiveness can actually help you make some money!



The UK-based toy and games company ‘John Adams’ is looking for people willing to get cosy and play family board games at home. Looks quite easy, right?



As a ‘board director’ you would have to trial a number of retro-inspired board games including Scribblish, Go For Broke, Ghost Castle, Scrabble, Rummikub, and Silly Sausage. After playing these games and giving feedback on the experience to John Adams HQ, ‘board directors’ are paid £500.



If you’re interested in earning some easy cash, you have till Monday 6th December to apply, which you can do here. Along with the usual personal details, you would also have to explain in around 100 words why you think you have what it takes to become a board director.



Group Managing director at John Adams, Simon Pilkington said “At John Adams we love bringing people together through our games, and as part of the new role, we want feedback on all gaming experiences, so we can continue to innovate and ensure the best playing experience for our customers.”


Would you consider becoming a board director?