Here’s How You Can Get Matching Halloween Outfits For You & Your Pup


October is soon coming to an end which could only mean one thing – Halloween! But thanks to 2021, dogs can now join in on the spooky season festivities too!



So, in case you were looking for a Halloween costume and have been considering going matchy-matchy with your furry friend, we got you covered!


You can serve a Legally Blonde inspired look this Halloween (Credit: Boohoo)


Matching costume options for you and your pup may be limited on the Island, but a clothing site named Boohoo just launched a range of pet-friendly costumes with matching human versions available! For instance, fans of Legally Blonde can grab a dog-friendly miniature version of Elle Woods’ iconic pink outfit.



In the meantime, the human version of the costume is more closely inspired by Elle Wood’s pink suit. I mean, how cute is that?!


Throw a dog a bone this Halloween (Credit: Boohoo)


… But if you really want to spice things up, you could even dress your dog as an entirely different breed. You can find a Dalmatian print catsuit and a matching knitted dog version on Boohoo too.



And if you want to take the scary route with your costumes, they’re even selling matching skeleton costumes! Oh, and they also have matching Halloween accessories if you can’t be arsed to wear an actual costume.


It's a spider-dog (Credit: Boohoo)


As for Boohoo’s dog sizing, Small tends to fit breeds like Chihuahuas, Mini Dachshunds, and small Yorkies, whilst the Medium fits pups like Jack Russells, Border Terriers, Yorkies, and Pugs. The Large is fit for breeds like Large Westies, Large Cocker Spaniels, Beagles, Old English Sheepdog.


Check out the paw-friendly costume collection here!

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