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Here’s How You Can Check If Your Data Was Compromised By Facebook


Following the recent Facebook data-leaking scandal, a Dutchman living in Malta, Jorrit Klein Bramel, has designed a straightforward website that allows users to check if their personal data has been exposed or not.


How to Find Out If Your Phone Number Is in the Facebook Data Leak | PCMag


Over 500 million Facebook users – including over 100,000 Maltese ones – are believed to have been compromised by this data hack, which the tech giant acknowledged on Wednesday. Those involved have had their phone numbers, email addresses, names, jobs, locations, and marital statuses exposed.



The website – – allows you to type in your details to see whether any of your data was disclosed in the breach. As Klein Bramel explained, ‘In layman’s terms, hashing ensures I don’t see the number being inputted from the website’s back-end, because the numbers are encrypted’.


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Right, sorry… Hashing is used to ensure users that the site can safely submit their numbers without worrying. Klein Bramel also added that he consulted with a legal advisor upon programming the website and ensured that Google Analytics – a tool to harvest user data – is not enabled on the site.



Meanwhile, you can implement multi-factor authentication to your accounts – a tool that introduces information only you could know, like when you get a text message with a random code to approve an online purchase.


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Above all, make sure you use strong and different passwords per account, and naturally, don’t share your passwords with anyone. You can check if your data is safe here: