Here’s How To Still Enjoy Life During This Pandemic!


Are you bored? Is this pandemic devouring your fun? And you’ve had enough moping? Let’s face it… this pandemic is having us by the throat! Everyone is missing the hectic parties to the simple, safe social gatherings… However, we cannot just sit around in dead silence looking glum all day. There are plenty of activities one can safely do during these times, and the upcoming list might be your savior…


Presentation Night



Don’t tell me you haven’t heard of this! Personally, I want to do it so bad… the title might sound a bit boring but hear me out…  Basically, you and your friends set a PowerPoint each or in pairs about something funny or something recurrent in your group. Maybe rating each party you’ve been through, who is your friend’s celebrity soulmate, Disney Channel power couples, rating football teams, and whatnot. So, grab your friends, prepare those humorous and curious presentations, and set a Zoom party now!



Teleparty Or Zoom Party



Just because you’re separated from your friends, doesn’t mean you can’t binge-watch your favourite movies. I think everyone can agree that watching a movie with someone makes it that much better! Get that buttery popcorn and cheesy nachos ready and set yourself a cosy setting with your friends to watch the same movie through a Zoom or Netflix party.


Multiplayer Online Games



This is something I used to do with my friends, and I’m missing it. There are numerous games one can play online with his mates or gals. Multiplayer online games such as League of Legends or Call of Duty. Or catching up on more ancient games such as Runescape or Club Penguin (Yep, there is a version available). Or if you are not such a fan, there are games such as Cards Against Humanity online. To make it better, grab a bottle of wine and let it spill your inner comedian!


Among Us



This game is probably over-used, however, I felt it a spot of its own. An overrated game about colorful blobs in a spaceship trying to do tasks whilst a rogue blob attempts to kill them. What sounds better? If you played it, you know that it can be addictive, like really addictive. Manipulating your friends and secretly murdering them just has a vibe of its own.



Socially-Distanced Picnic



Are you a nature lover? Do you love the tranquil atmosphere? Going to a picnic with your loved ones, playing some cards, or laying on a blanket staring at the sky. A perfect way to relax and just enjoy life in the simplest way! So, grab your mask, set a 2-metre distance between you and your friends, and go!


Study Dates Online



Exam season is coming up, and stress may be building up. So, that is why it is perfect to grab your course mates and set a Zoom call. Vent out your stress, and share notes or tricks to remember such material. You get to study whilst sharing a laugh with your friends. I think that is a good deal!


If you have any other suggestions, help people out by commenting down below your innovative and best ideas!


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