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Here’s How to Dine out Respectfully in the Middle of a Pandemic…and after Yesterday’s Announcement


Months into the pandemic, people are trying to find ways to maintain some sort of normality through new established norms – and going out to eat has been one of them. But just because restaurants and cafes are still open, doesn’t mean they are completely risk-free.

The times have clearly changed, and so have the rules, as of yesterday. So here are a few tips (from someone who actually works in an eatery) to help you brush up on your restaurant etiquette… (global crisis style), especially if “going to a restaurant” is part of your plans tonight!



Wear your damn mask (and don’t complain about it)

“But you’re a restaurant!” or “I’ll be quick don’t worry!” are NOT valid excuses to not wear your masks. Whether you have to wear it upon entry, or to go order inside, to pay, or to go use the bathroom – please, just wear it. Don’t forget that it will now become enshrined in our laws.

You might complain about having to wear a mask for a few minutes but bear in mind that servers have to wear it for hours on end.



Use Hand Sanitiser Upon Entrance

I’ve seen so many people refusing to use sanitiser or strolling right in without sanitising their hands or wearing a mask when eating out. Restaurants and cafes have been given strict guidelines to follow in order to keep everyone, including yourself, safe… so I beg of you, CO-OPERATE.



Don’t up and move tables or chairs without asking

One of the most crucial guidelines for eateries at the moment is to carefully map out all of the chairs and tables so as to keep a safe distance in between. So, when you want to join a table with another, or add a chair onto your table, always ask first, because they might already be at maximum capacity.



Don’t sit on Reserved Tables

This should always be a given, but it’s not the first time someone has insisted to sit on a reserved table by promising they will be quick. Now more than ever, chairs and tables are sanitised before the clients are expected in order to make them feel safe and welcome – so if you’d like a table, call beforehand and book. They’re only trying to keep everyone safe.



Don’t sit on Dirty Tables Either

When people want to snag a table, they immediately sit on a dirty table so they can reserve it for themselves there and then. Instead, and this is mostly for your sake not theirs, go up to one of the employees and kindly ask for that table. If you wait for a few minutes, I guarantee the staff will be more than happy to clean up and sanitise the table for you!

Keep it small

Right now really isn’t the time to be throwing a birthday party for whoever. So, as best as you can, try keep your dining out plans to a minimum number of guests, for everyone’s sake. Apart from that, make sure you are done by 11pm 🙂



Pay Contactless

I understand that this might not be possible for everyone, but if and when you can, try to pay contactless.

And above all, be patient. This situation isn’t easy on anyone – but together, we can make it less hard! Thank us later!