Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Lucifer Season 6


Netflix recently announced that its beloved Tom Ellis-fronted show, Lucifer, will be returning for a sixth season, after originally intending to run for five instalments. However, the TV gods have decided to bless us with an additional season, well, at least after fans literally started a petition for Lucifer to return…



But anyway, we already know that Season 6 is indeed going to happen after being announced last June, but what about the rest of it? Well, buckle up, because here’s EVERYTHING you need to know.



First of all, Season 6 has already started filming, right off the back of Season 5, as co-showrunner Joe Henderson had shared back in October, ‘Today is our first day of shooting #Lucifer season 6!’.



However, given the fact that Season 5 Part 2 is yet to land on screens, due to delays from the ongoing pandemic, the sixth instalment will probably take a while to air, and we’re guessing it’ll come our way at the start of 2022.



Okay so…what about the plot? The final episodes of Season 5 Part 1 built up quite the tense storylines after Lucifer was shot and his love interest Chloe was kidnapped.


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Meanwhile, Ella found out that her new boyfriend wasn’t all that he seemed to be – to be frank, a serial killer. Geez, I thought I had a bad taste in men… anyways, this led to an intense final scene, leaving fans on a cliff-hanger, as Lucifer goes missing after a fight with his twin brother Michael.



So, we can expect some resolution and given that Ellis is back, we know he won’t be lost for long. Plus, Lauren German teased a moment for Part 2, revealing that there will be a musical episode, ‘It is so absolutely touching and gorgeous… You can feel what he is feeling, through the singing, and it’s beautiful.’



Joe Henderson also hinted at potential drama for Chloe and Lucifer. Oof. ‘So much of the story going forward is the story of love but the story of love is… so often it is a story of challenges. And I think what I love about it is that challenges make a romance feel all the more earned.’, he added.



The episode names for the latter half of Season 5 have also been revealed, so you can search them up and make of them what you will. Ultimately, these will give a better picture for Season 6 upon their official release.



Season 6 will be getting 10 episodes, and Modrovich also teased that when they got back to the writers’ room, they focused on what ‘systematic issues of the police department’ they haven’t yet addressed as a cop show.



As for the cast, seeing we don’t know if anything major happens in Season 5 Part 2, we won’t know if all main characters will be making a return yet. However, Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Rachael Harris, Aimee Grace, Kevin Alejandro, Scarlett Estevez, and DB Woodside are all expected to return.



Showrunner Henderson also teased he might be making another cameo, so keep your eyes peeled on Season 6.


And as for the big burning question, no. There likely won’t be a Season 7 for Lucifer, even Netflix had announced, ‘#Lucifer will return for a sixth and final season. Like, FINAL final.’

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