Here’s An Unbelievable List Of Bizarre Offences That Could Get You Arrested In Australia


Australia might seem like a pretty weird place – even though probably all Maltese families have relatives or some sort of connection to the Aussies. But, it probably won’t come as a surprise that the country has its own set of “peculiar” laws…


map of Australia


Also, turns out there’s a handful of downright bizarre laws that even Australians might not know about. One unlucky guy, for instance, landed a $252 AUD fine for the crime of bringing a fridge onto a commuter train back in 2017.



Seemingly, the man was violating an obscure Brisbane law forbidding passengers from bringing oversized items onto a train. Though it’s too late to save him, lawyers Slater and Gordon have a handy list of a few other nice regulations…


Train removalists: Brisbane man fined $250 for moving fridge on train - ABC  News


In Western Australia, for example, it’s illegal to possess over 50 kilograms of potatoes ‘under certain circumstances’, and in New South Wales, drivers who splash mud on people waiting for the bus could find themselves stuck with a $2,200 fine.



It’s also illegal to sing an ‘obscene song or ballad’ in a public place in Victoria, which also has a law banning residents from flying a kite ‘to the annoyance of any person’.


sitting man wearing yellow shirt during daytime


And yep, there are more laws that directly concern fridges too. In South Australia, it’s illegal to sell a fridge with a capacity of 42,5 litres or more, ‘unless all of the doors can be easily opened from the inside or it was brought into the state before 1962’.



Apparently, this was done in an effort to prevent children from locking themselves inside large fridges – I mean, fair enough, I guess…


silver French-door refrigerator


According to lawyer Veronika Drago, most of these laws date back to a time when they were seen as necessary, so lawmakers haven’t taken the chance to repeal them as of yet.

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