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Here’s All of The Tea Between Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Driver’s License’ & Sabrina Carpenter’s ‘Skin’


New year, new drama…and if you thought you were petty, then this interesting love triangle between High School Musical: The Musical: The Series stars Olivia Rodrigo, Joshua Bassett, and Girl Meets World’s Sabrina Carpenter might just change your mind.


Olivia Rodrigo Responds to Joshua Bassett, Sabrina Carpenter Feud |  StyleCaster


The internet has been sent into a spiral ever since Olivia Rodrigo released her new hit on January 4th, ‘Driver’s License’, which is currently on Bay’s Top 10. Following its release, fans started speculating it was about Olivia’s past relationship with her co-star and some beef about the ‘blonde girl’.



Apparently, Bassett also wrote two songs prior to this which Olivia thought were about her, as she sings ‘guess you didn’t mean what you said in those songs about me’.



But wait, there’s more! Sabrina Carpenter, aka the ‘blonde girl’, has allegedly been dating Joshua after his split with Olivia last year, but the two have not officially confirmed anything yet.



One hour after Olivia’s song release, Joshua had announced the release of his upcoming single, Lie Lie Lie, which was released on January 14th – basically about kissing someone’s ass goodbye – but he teased the track before Olivia’s even came out. Awkward.



Anyways, the plot continues to thicken with an unconfirmed, unreleased song by Bassett and Carpenter, ‘We Both Know’. Then, one week later, ANOTHER song release comes in with Sabrina’s new single, ‘Skin’, which practically responds to Olivia in a tender pop ballad as she sings ‘Maybe ‘blonde’ was the only rhyme’/ But you been tellin’ your side/ So I’ll be telling mine’.



Then she adds a little bit of spice as she sings ‘You can try/ To get under my, under my, under my skin/ While he’s on mine’. But don’t worry! There seem to be no hard feelings on her end, as she concludes the song with ‘I just hope that one day/ We both can laugh about it’, which is great – NEVER let some dude get in between a friendship.



To put it plainly, Olivia wrote a song about Joshua and Sabrina’s alleged relationship and made a hit, but then Sabrina replied to her in a song, and some serious beef was created.