Here’s A List Of Millenial Things That Gen Z Have Decided To Cancel


#GirlBosses listen up – trigger warning: get ready to let go of some things you may love.


If you, like the rest of the world, have chosen to productively spend this extra time at home on TikTok, you know that the Gen Z kids have been making fun of a number of things near and dear to all millennials. Please refrain from writing diss tracks such as the following:



i’ll never give up my skinny jeans kiddos! #doggo #adulting #ididathing #ravenclaw

♬ GenZ You Can Suck It – Sarah Hester Ross


Anyways, let’s get the obvious ones out of the way …



Skinny jeans and side parts … it is 2021 and we as a society have moved past the need for clothes that do not allow you to bend your knees. No comment necessary for side parts.





We love a Christian Girl Autumn as much as we do our Hot Girl Summers, but that is no excuse to be wearing a blanket around your neck and calling it a scarf.





I don’t know how to tell you this, but caffeine dependency is not a personality trait and it’s not as quirky as you think it is.





Once again, liking wine is cute. Making your love of wine your entire personality is not cute, it is alcoholism.




First Born Son, Avocado GIF - Subway Avocado FirstBorn GIFs


Of all things, how did a vegetable that is only ripe for two seconds become the symbol of a generation?





Who under the age of 40 unironically uses Facebook? Do yourselves a favour and end the chances of accidentally “coming across” 10-year-old statuses along the lines of “out with maj bejbs”.


Hogwarts houses


Harrypotter Hufflepuff GIF - Harrypotter Hufflepuff Housepride GIFs


You’re getting a bit defensive – that’s not very Hufflepuff of you. To be fair half of Gen Z was trying to shift reality to meet Draco so … Maybe we’ll let this one slide.




Kardashians Funny GIF - Kardashians Funny True GIFs


Why did you start just randomly using the word hashtag in a spoken sentence? #confused.




Laughing Crying GIF - Laughing Crying Emoji GIFs


I’m sorry to tell you this, but the crying-laughing emoji is dead. Alternatives are the fully crying emoji or the dead emoji – the crying-laugh one is just too happy.


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