Here’s a Few Gifts Guys Actually Want This Christmas…


Christmas is right around the corner, and whilst some of us got our Christmas shopping done in November, some of us are struggling – especially since, for the most part, buying gifts that guys actually like can be hard. But that’s what we’re here for! So, here’s a holiday gift guide for you, with a little something for everyone (I hope)


green and white tissue box on white table


Beard Grooming Kit


black and white labeled bottle


Listen, it’s 2020 and men have definitely caught up to the skincare game, if not exceeded it!




man wearing black shirt and gray jacket with pants while running into plain field


Have you ever met a man that doesn’t own at least one pair of black or grey sweatpants? Didn’t think so…


Perfume or After-Shave


Aerin waterlily sun spray perfumes


If the man in your life likes smelling good – or if YOU want him to smell good – then this is the perfect present!



Fluffy Socks or House Slippers


person wearing gray socks near acoustic guitar


Fact: No one likes having ice-cold feet




black wireless headphones between Apple Keyboard and Apple Magic Mouse on white surface


Literally in any form.


Personalised Cufflinks


Man In Gray Suit Jacket


For the more snazzy and stylish man in your life, personalised cufflinks (or cufflinks in general) are a classic gift.



Comfy Hoodies


person facing on body of water


Ladies, we steal their hoodies all the time – the least we can do is give them some in return (that you’ll probably eventually take too)!


Camping Equipment


orange camping tent near green trees


If you have an adventurer in your life, think about updating some of their camping equipment, even if it’s a new thermos!




pile of assorted-title books


Books aren’t for everyone, but for the occasional man that likes to read, new books are always welcome!



Funny Mugs


blue and white ceramic mug


Who doesn’t like a good laugh?


Personalised Leather Wallet


brown leather bifold wallet on table


I’m guessing most men on this planet own a wallet and a personalised leather one is both a functional and sentimental gift!




Euro Pound Banknote Lot


Remember when we hated getting money as a gift as kids? Yeah, that doesn’t happen anymore…