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Here is How Money from Contraventions is Being Put to Good Use


We all get the wrong type of feels and emotions everytime a warden pulls us over to give us a driving contravention, or when we receive a nice LESA letter in our mail, notifying us of what we did wrong, and how much we have to pay for it. Contraventions exist to turn us into better drivers, or to remind us that we DO have to wear masks in a pandemic, and so on and so forth.

The Home Affairs Ministry yesterday announced that some €3m from the “Enforcement Fund” is to be allocated and put to good use in the various communities in Malta and Gozo. This comes after an agreement was signed between Malta’s enforcement agency, LESA, and the Local Councils Association, in the presence of Ministers Byron Camilleri and Jose Herrera.



These funds will be available to all local councils in Malta and Gozo, and can be accessed following an application which the Local Councils themselves submit, and which are to be tied to project aimed at improving the resident’s quality of life within their own community.

Minister Camilleri urged local council to present sustainable projects, to be able to make the best use of the funds, which are a part of LESA’s investment in the people of Malta and Gozo, while Minister Herrera said that these projects can also be projects relating to the environmental and cultural aspects of the cities and villages, adding that this concept also falls within the Government’s Local Council reform.

Through the agreement which was signed, some €1m will be made available on an annual basis, and the projects can vary from those which improve the localities’ environment, to those relating to cleaner and alternative means of transport; or those relating to modern infrastructure, safety and secuty and even heritage preservation.