Here Are Some Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


With Valentine’s Day approaching sooner and sooner, some of us have gifts packed and ready to go for our significant other… Meanwhile, some of us are incapable of sticking to schedules and well, buying gifts on time – so we’re here to help you out! Here are a handful of last-minute gift ideas for this V-Day!




clear glass fragrance bottle


Always a classic yet personal last-minute gift idea, whether for a man or woman, perfumes tend to be quite accessible, even on the weekend! Plus, there are loads to choose from!



Love Coupons


Image result for love coupons


Valentine’s doesn’t always have to be materialistic, and love coupons are the perfect gift if you’d like to take the sentimental route. Besides, you can put your very own twist on them (maybe even spice them up a little)!




pair of silver earring lot


I mean, who doesn’t love jewellery? You can’t really go wrong with this gift – from watches to necklaces, you’re bound to find at least one thing your significant other would love to wear.


A Flight


white airplane under blue sky during daytime


Okay hear me out…with the ongoing pandemic and all, most flights are currently refundable or offering freebies and discounts – and gifting an experience is ALWAYS a good idea! So, just ask your S.O. for their desired destination and map your way around it!





brown chocolate food close-up photography


This one’s pretty obvious if you ask me, but you can never go wrong with chocolate – and if you want to get a tad more creative, try getting your hands on or making some hot chocolate bombs!


Baked Goods


cupcakes with white icing on top


My personal go-to is baking your S.O. their favourite dessert – sentimental, from the heart, and above all, delicious!




red roses


And if all else fails, flowers are always a staple. Alternatively, you can brighten up their space with a plant instead!


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