Here Are 7 Platforms That Can Help You Keep Your Mental Health In Check


With the ongoing pandemic and all of the issues that surround it, there has been an increased demand for mindfulness resources and online therapy services over the past year or so, as several people have reported experiencing anxiety or depressive symptoms, as well as difficulties sleeping.


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So, if you’re searching for some mindfulness or online therapy tools to try out, here’s a list of helpful apps and websites that may help with alleviating stress and improving your sleep!




If you’re looking for better sleep, de-stressing, or just to improve your focus, Calm might be the app you’re looking for! Not only does it offer soothing sounds for sleep, but it also features video lessons and audio programs for gentle stretching sessions to help you unwind.



Plus, you can enjoy nature scenes playing in the background as you work or study! Calm offers a seven-day trial for free, and then you can either pay €12.50 a month or €58 a year for their services!



Smiling Mind


This Australia-based app was developed by psychologists and educators, offering daily meditation and mindfulness exercises that only take 10 minutes of your day!



Smiling Mind offers sessions dedicated to adults, youth, classroom, and workplace settings, with programs categorised into stress, relationships, sports, wellbeing and more. Oh, and it’s 100% free too!




Aura features thousands of soothing soundtracks and audio sessions led by mental health experts to help you out with meditation! Through AI and machine learning, the platform individually curates each user’s feed for a personalised experience.



Following a free trial, users can choose Aura Premium, offering unlimited access to their vast library. Subscriptions range from €9.95 monthly to €49.80 annually.




Following a brief self-assessment, Talkspace recommends a handful of therapists that help you through your mental health journey based on your needs, whether they’re related to depression, parenting, trauma, or relationships.



Other than that, this tool also offers psychiatry and makes therapy approachable through virtual appointments! Subscriptions range from €215 to €328 monthly, varying based on the plan.





BetterHelp makes counseling affordable and accessible by making the service virtual! It matches users with a licensed counsellor based on the user’s needs, rostering professionals that specialise in tackling issues related to stress, anxiety, relationships, depression, trauma, grief, self-esteem, and more!



Sessions can be done through live chat, voice calls, or video, starting from €50 to €75 weekly.




Through AI, Endel creates personalised soundscapes to help you relax, sleep, and focus! Based on internal and external conditions, like location, time zone, heart rate, and weather, this platform aims to help with overall brain fatigue!



Endel also collaborates with musicians like Grimes for special soundscapes, scientifically engineered to help with relaxation and mindfulness! After a seven-day free trial, you can subscribe for €5 monthly, or €41.50 yearly.




Last but not least is Headspace, one of the best-known mindfulness platforms that provide guided meditations, animations, articles, and videos on mental health, stress, sleep, and more!



Headspace has also partnered with Netflix for a TV series that will guide you through meditation and sleep with animations in Headspace’s signature style! Following the free Basics course, users can choose to subscribe for €10.80 a month or €58.10 a year.

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