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Here Are 5 Secluded Beaches In Malta You Should Check Out


You’re on a holiday, or maybe it is the weekend and after a long week at work, you decide to unwind and relax at the beach. You deserve it after all.



Turns out, the beach is swamped with sun-burnt tourists and screaming children. But don’t you worry, not every beach is like that and while I will be exposing some of the secluded beaches around Malta, I can assure you, you will find your peace and quiet here!


Slug’s Bay



Yeah yeah, I know what you’re thinking – “Slugs? EW.” This bay took its name from the sea slugs that can be found in its waters. However, I can assure you, you will not have any slimy creatures crawling up your leg. This bay is nestled in between Għadira Bay and Armier Bay, two beautiful well-known beaches.



Imġiebaħ Bay



With its pristine golden sand and magnificent crystal clear blue waters, Imgiebah Bay is the place to be!  This tranquil bay is ideal for snorkelers, sunbathers, and even those with a four-legged companion. Since it is quite a bumpy road to get there, it does discourage some from visiting this bay, which is what makes it so peaceful!


Carol Lagoon



A true beauty of mother nature – a cave with open waters! This location is accessible either by kayaking or hiking and swimming your way to it. It is around a 30-minute kayak trip from Little Armier.



Qarraba Bay



So we all know about Għajn Tuffieħa, which is already a beautiful bay on its own but there is so much more to it! The clay slopes area near it is the lesser-visited Qarraba Bay which can be visited either by boat, hiking through the rocky terrain, or even climbing down the clay slopes.

Disclaimer: This beach is also known as “Nude Beach”, so if you do not want to see anyone in their birthday suit, you may want to visit the other beaches listed in this article…





This one is perfect for any adventurers out there! This area was declared Malta’s first natural national park in 2007. From natural wonders to historical hikes to beautiful beaches – this one simply ticks all the boxes! Hikers can choose from five different starting points to explore the park and kayakers can paddle along the coast between Golden and Anchor Bay.



Where are you headed off to this weekend?


Photo credits in chronological order (starting from Slug’s Bay): Maltatina, My Guide Malta, Maltatina, Katja Borst, and Radisson Blu.