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Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Malta


If you’re a tourist planning on visiting Malta or maybe a fellow Malteser that is not feeling patriotic enough, this may just help you appreciate Malta a bit more!



From our exquisite cuisine to our cultural heritage, there is a lot to this tiny island that we tend to take for granted, but we’re about to delve into that!






Pastizzi. That’s all I have to say.


Just kidding… Aside from the iconic pastizzi that we all know and love, we got to admit that our Maltese dishes will always top any other dish. There is something so heart-warming about them.


Pastizzi is a savoury pastry filled with either ricotta, mushy peas, Nutella, chicken, or anything else, really – you name it! Just don’t try and argue about which one is best…


If you are visiting Malta, make sure to try out a rabbit dish and obviously, seafood!






Aside from the well-known Paceville that every teen goes to get wasted once they hit 17, there are a lot of other nightlife activities happening on our island. From ice-cream dates at Sliema to bar-hopping in Valletta, there are plenty of less-known, quiet bars to discover (try Msida or Wied il-Ghajn!)





The Maltese islands have a magical history – treasures from the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Byzantines, and Romans. There are plenty of museums to visits and historical sites to see. So if you’re a history enthusiast, then Malta is the place to be.






While Malta can lack from the entertainment aspect, it has a few landscapes and events here and there that are not appreciated as much as they should be. From beaches to picnics,  rock climbing to geo-caching, music festivals to local gigs, there is a lot to discover and participate in!






And obviously, we cannot forget that it does not just start and stop at Malta but we can also explore the sister islands; Gozo and Comino. Both with their own landscapes and culture to witness! There are plenty of boat tours which makes it easier for anyone to travel between one another!