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Here Are 5 Nice Spots To Go For Your Next Date


Planning your next date? A fan of Maltese landscapes? We’ve got you covered!



Dates at the restaurant or the cinemas can be fun, but we tend to take nature a bit for granted and forget to enjoy it while we still can.



Here we compiled five different locations that you should definitely visit on your next date, both in Malta and her sister island; Gozo!


Windrose Giant Cat Weathervane




The main attraction to this place is quite literally linked with its name; the Giant Cat Rose. This cat acts as the guardian of the area where it overlooks the beautiful horizon. Its breathtaking views will leave you astonished. If you are up for a walk and a chat, this lovely location has a scenic coastline for you and your partner to walk alongside it.



San Giovanni Battery



I am pretty sure all of us have heard of “Top of the World” by now and anyone has been there at least once or twice. While it is a beautiful location for a relaxing date, there is another spot that is a bit more quitter for the two of you to enjoy together!



The San Giovanni Battery overlooks the beautiful fields and you also have the perfect spot for a sunset! The location consists of two concrete emplacements for 6-pdr QF guns incorporated directly into the main trace of the Victoria Lines. History and romance? Sign us up!


Portomaso Marina



While this can be very busy in the morning, it can be very peaceful in the evening. Imagine this: a walk along the dock, drink in hand and endless conversations under the night sky – I don’t know about you but I am all up for chill nights like this.


Popeye Village



I think most of us have been here once as a toddler, either with our family or because of a school outing. While I must admit, the dolls did creep me out, you can still visit this spot for the views and the beach! The pretty colours of each building are a different sight to see, compared to the choco-block buildings we witness every day on the roads.


Dwejra, Gozo



And for our fellow Gozitans reading this we have included a spot for you as well! While this is commonly known for the Azure Window that collapsed in 2017, there are a lot of natural wonders to witness in this place too. You’ll see a lot of grottos with star coral-lined walls. The rays of sunshine that bounce off the underwater rocks give the water in these caverns a striking azure tint.



And if you stay there till evening, a starry night sure is romantic!