Here Are 5 Hikes To Try Out In Gozo


Planning a weekend adventure to Gozo? We got you covered!


There is always something new to discover when hiking in Gozo, be it within valleys, around the hills, along the coastlines, or secret underwater caves, the views, and atmosphere are breathtaking… All of them with their own story to tell and a story for you to discover!


Tas-Salvatur Hill



Not everyone can make it to Rio de Janeiro to witness the Statue of the Risen Christ, so Gozo will do. The statues can be found at Tas-Salvatur Hill, a hill that can be seen from many points around Gozo. This holds the myth of God punishing the people of Gozo by immersing them in darkness for 3 whole days. Yikes.



Lunzjata Valley



A peaceful hike with a history to tell. This fertile valley is situated between Fontana and Kerċem, a picturesque view with a greenery landscape. You might just also be in the chance of going back home with freshly picked fruits and veggies, hand-picked with love and care by a local farmer!


Ras il-Wardija



The headland in the limits of San Lawrenz, just southwest on the coastline of Gozo. Being at the coastline, you will surely get to witness some of the most impeccable views Gozo has to offer! If you do plan on exploring this historical site, make sure to contact the owner as it is privately owned: [email protected]



Ta’ Ġurdan Lighthouse



This landmark overlooks the little village of l-Għasri, the smallest village in Gozo. A steep walk with views you cannot miss. And if you are lucky, try and catch the lighthouse attendant nearby and they might just allow you to take a look inside the lighthouse, or even better, go up to the very top for an astonishing view.


Wied il-Ghasri



One that ticks all the boxes; a view, a beach, and underwater caves. This valley begins at Ta’ Dbieġi Hill, where you will then end up in the village of l-Għasri. This hidden gem opens up to a pebbly beach boarded with high cliffs, and the secluded spot is the perfect location for swimming, snorkeling, and diving.



Have you visited any of these places before?


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