Here Are 5 Delicious Halloween Cocktails To Try At Home


Halloween is just around the corner, so we found you the perfect recipes for the perfect cocktails to impress you & your loved ones!



The first drink is called Vampiro… Start by pouring 60ml of Tequila Reposado into a glass. Then add 30ml of tomato juice. Mix in a further 30ml of freshly squeezed orange juice. Squeeze 15ml of fresh lime juice into the glass. Add 15ml of Grenadine and gently pour 7 drops of hot sauce. Mix in a pinch of salt and then finally, just add ice and shake!


Russian Vampire | Vampiro Ruso - Nibbles and Feasts


If you have more of a sweet tooth, the Caramel Apple Mule is the one for you! Pour 5oz of fresh lime juice, 2oz of apple cider and 2oz of apple vodka. Then add 5oz of caramel sauce, ice and top it with ginger beer. Optional: You can decorate with an apple slice and caramel drizzle!



Inviting the whole family over or a couple of friends? Don’t worry, we got you covered with a Halloween punch! First, you need a large bucket and fill it up with ice. Fill half of it with cranberry juice and add two shots of blue curacao. Add two shots of vodka and pour in a couple of shots of grenadine. Then just stir and sip up!


Nugget Markets Vampire Kiss Recipe


Another quick and easy cocktail is the Vampire kiss. First, pour 1oz of Chambord raspberry liqueur into a glass. Pour 1.5oz of vodka. Add 1.5oz of sparkling wine. Mix and enjoy!



Last but not least is the Halloween Tini! Start with 1.5oz of vanilla vodka into a glass. Add in 1oz of Amaretto. Then add 1oz of white chocolate liqueur. Mix in 1oz of milk. Shake the mix with some ice and serve. Optional: Rim the outside of the glass with sprinkles and marshmallow fluff.


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